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Expense Reporting Made Easy

As a business owner, you are no doubt aware of the challenges associated with expense reports. Even for a small company, manually managing your company expense reporting can mean spending hours working through paper receipts and cross-checking them against a spreadsheet, not to mention the need to go back and forth with employees on entries that are not covered or amounts that exceed the limits. Here are three ways to make expense reporting a little easier.

How Cloud Computing Is Transforming Accounting

Access to software programs from anywhere in the world thanks to remote servers makes cloud computing the most effective and valuable management tool available to any business. It is also delivering a number of key benefits to various industries. Accounting is just one industry that is seeing great transformation due to cloud computing. Because businesses now exist primarily in a global, digitized ecosystem, access to data- especially financial data - at any time and any place is more important than ever. Used correctly, the cloud is making accounting a much more straightforward and efficient process. Continue reading to find out how the cloud is transforming this very important industry.

Are You Ready To Move Beyond Quickbooks

Quickbooks is well known for providing a low-cost accounting solution that is perfect for most small businesses. But what happens when your company grows? Will Quickbooks have the features you need for you to continue to grow? You may find QuickBooks is not designed to handle the complexities of your growth, and you end up using spreadsheets more and more for your financial processes. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to see if you would benefit from a more robust financial solution.

4  Financial Skills Most Managers Must Understand

It is no secret that your company needs informed and educated managers that can pay attention to the impact their departments have on profitability, not just on getting things done. You can count these as essential building blocks that will help your managers help you improve the company's bottom line.

Save Time And Money With The Right Accounting Solution

Having the right accounting software seems like a no brainer, right? Unfortunately, without identifying what your organization needs out of a solution and then educating yourself on the functions and features available in the solutions that make your list, your choices may not be black and white. Here we provide three areas to consider when looking for your new accounting solution.

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