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AI Plays the Leading Role in Outlier Detection

Outlier Detection. While it sounds a bit like the next TV crime drama — it’s actually closer to a reality show. An outlier is an element of a data set that distinctly stands out from the rest of the data (the black sheep of the family). Outlier detection is simply the identification of these rare items, events, or observations. In business, we speak about outlier detection predominately as a way to catch potential errors and identify risks. It’s difficult to do, mainly because businesses generate so much data. Finding the one little thing that’s not like the other can end up being a full-time job - but that was before Artificial Intelligence (AI) entered the scene.

How Much Do Expense Reports Really Cost Your Company and How Can You Lower It?

Employee expense management is one of the most challenging business operating costs to control — and the current climate of remote work only adds to the complexity. Do you have an accurate idea of how much it costs your company to process expense reports? A lot of companies don’t, so don’t worry, you’re not alone. More companies are realizing that expense management solutions can save time and lower that cost though. Here, we offer five ways automating expense management application could impact your organization.

Four Financial Management Strategies for Venture Capital Firms

2021 is shaping up to be a good year for venture capital firms — and their portfolio targets. In January, venture funding hit an all-time high of nearly $40 billion. To match such a positive outlook, what financial management strategies can venture capital firms invest in to ensure their finance and accounting operations are providing the right data and performance metrics? We’ve gathered four strategies we feel will generate the highest return on investment.

Top 5 Challenges in Wealth Management Accounting and How to Solve Them

It’s an excellent time to be a wealth management firm. The number of millionaires in North America almost doubled between 2010 and 2019, and billionaires saw their wealth jump by nearly 40% over the past year. Through the pandemic, while many other industries struggled, revenues for investment management firms remained largely intact. Despite their rosy outlook though, firms are facing their share of challenges. We’ve identified five of the most pressing challenges in wealth management accounting that can be solved fairly easily with accounting software designed for the industry.

How Real-Time Visibility Helps Private Equity Firms Invest Better During Uncertain Markets

2020 was a year for the books. While no industry was untouched, private equity firms found themselves uniquely impacted. With holdings spread across portfolio companies and industries, private equity firms’ had pandemic-induced challenges magnified many times over. Without the ability to view multi-entity investments & holdings from various angles - in consolidation or detail - it’s nearly impossible to have the insight needed to make strategic investment decisions. How can they get that insight? Real-time visibility from Financial Management software is helping private equity firms invest - and perform - better during uncertain markets. Let’s discuss how exactly.