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Would a Cloud-Based Solution Benefit Your Company?

In one of our previous blogs on things to consider when moving to the cloud, we briefly talked about the traditional on-premise model of your server and computer network physically onsite, at your place of work. While there are some clear advantages to this, like having complete control over your data, hardware, software, configurations, and upgrades, the disadvantages can undeniably outweigh the pros for some companies, especially in terms of your ROI. Let’s discuss how a company could benefit from a cloud-based solution so you can see if those benefits apply to you.

How Marketplace Changes are Affecting Budgeting and Planning

Budgeting and planning used to be a once-a-year task seen as a necessary evil, something that no one looked forward to. It’s quite possible that many of us still see it that way — but increasingly, companies understand that budgeting and planning are vital and strategic tasks, essential to every fiscally healthy organization. There are some powerful stand-alone adaptive planning solutions, on the market, but many turn out to be expensive and time-consuming to implement, and difficult and overly-complex to use.

Smart Solutions to Revenue Leaks: AI-Powered Timesheets

What were you doing last Wednesday at 2:00? How about Friday at 11:30? When we don’t record our time at the moment, we all have a tough time recalling it later. If that were billable time — it might just go unbilled. It’s been estimated that consultants may ultimately bill for only 67% of their actual billable time. It’s called revenue leakage, and it can be a significant drain on a service organization’s profitability. Timesheets are nobody’s idea of fun, but they’re a necessity, and with technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), time tracking becomes smarter, simpler, faster, and more accurate.

Considerations for Moving to the Cloud

Cloud Computing is a hot tech topic that actually came into discussion in the 1960s, but was just an idea until more recently. The on-premise model of businesses building their own IT infrastructure onsite was basically the only model used for ~50 years. Being common didn’t mean it was the best though, as on premise infrastructure had issues as well – not scalable, low data security, limited physical space in-house, plus needing a dedicated team for hardware and software maintenance. Then modern day Cloud Computing came along and was offered as an innovative & seamless solution. Should you believe the hype though, and what do you really need to consider when moving to the cloud? There are important questions for any business evaluating cloud options and we delve into these here.

How AR Automation Tools Help Close the Cash Flow Gap

A business can close the year showing a solid profit but still find itself out of money. Receipts often lag behind sales, suppliers expect payments and loans come due — creating a cash flow gap. A positive cash flow is critical to your business’s operation & success, and is a key indicator of a healthy, well-run company. Surprisingly, many companies do not have real-time visibility into their cash positions, robbing them of the ability to make strategic decisions and even potentially putting them in a position of insolvency. What is the cash flow gap — and how can AR Automation applications help close the gap?