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Garbage In, Garbage Out - Maintaining Your SYSPRO Data Integrity

Data quality is a big problem for businesses. A recent Gartner survey found that organizations estimate the average cost of poor data quality at $12.8 million per year. That’s a lot of money spent on lost customers and revenue opportunities all because of bad data. There is something you can do, though. In this topic, we’ll be discussing why it’s not enough to employ the SYSPRO ERP system in your business; you must also safeguard the integrity of the system’s data to protect your business’s future growth and success.

Managing Complex Customer Relationships with EDI, API, or e-Commerce

So, you might be wondering, what does Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Application Programming Interface (API), and web e-Commerce all have in common with managing complex customer relationships? The answer: Communication. EDI is a set of software standards that allows business partners to send documents and data electronically and fluidly to each other using strict industry standards. It’s typically integrated with the traditional on-premise IT infrastructure. API is similar in that it also electronically sends information, but it’s the more modern option allowing for an easier custom integration between two solutions. The most recognizable of the three is web e-Commerce. This is designed to handle commercial transactions between suppliers, partners, and customers. It can be hard to know what the differences mean in terms of your experience with them, and which option would be best for your company, so we’re going to help with that.

Be an Agent of Organizational Change

SYSPRO is a feature-rich ERP software that is highly adaptable to your business needs and is designed for on premise, cloud, and mobile utilization. It offers important product integrations for your manufacturing processes and material requirements planning, like MRP and MOM, and Harmony, a separate social ERP software. There are also simpler, but just as important, features of SYSPRO like customized views, screens, and fields that provide users with a more user-friendly software experience. All of this is great to know, but none of it is useful if you fail to effectively wield the tools SYSPRO offers to achieve your business objectives. In this post, we’ll explain how becoming an agent of organizational change can help your staff better utilize SYSPRO’s features and tools, thereby driving business growth and outcomes.

AP Automation — How Does it Work and How Much Will it Save Me?

One of the few winners in 2020 was automation. With employees working from home — or not working at all — businesses had to further prioritize doing more with less. One logical place to introduce automation is into the accounts payable processing cycle. Lots of repetitive tasks, many approval steps, and lots of paperwork make AP Automation a favorite with businesses across every industry. What is AP Automation and how does it differ from its cousin Procure-to-Pay? What are the benefits and how can you select the best application for your organization?

Best-of-Breed vs All-In-One ERP Solutions: What’s the Difference and Why does it Matter?

“Although ERP vendors offer numerous enterprise applications and claim that their integrated system is a superior solution, all modules in an ERP system are rarely best-of-breed.”
Gartner Glossary

When you shop for a new ERP or financial management solution, you’ll quickly discover there are two opposing camps: best-of-breed and all-in-one. What do the terms really mean when applied to ERP and accounting software, and how should you go about choosing which option is best for your organization? In this first post in our series covering the topic, we offer an overview of each approach to help you begin to decide which camp to pitch your tent in.