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Why Your Data Analytics Projects Need an Executive Sponsor

Most companies have a startling 85% chance of data analytics projects failing – don’t worry, this is not our client’s experience! A major contributor to that high of a failure rate though, is having either an ineffective executive sponsor assigned to your analytics project, or not having an executive sponsor at all. In this post, we’ll discuss the top 3 ways an engaged and data-savvy executive sponsor can impact your data analytics projects.

Benefits of Business Intelligence - Modern BI vs. Traditional BI

Business Intelligence (BI) is not a new concept, but it has evolved a lot since its inception. There’s the traditional BI and then there’s the more modern BI, which is compatible with the new kid on the block, cloud computing. Yet, both options are still available on the market, confusing some businesses, especially since the market has shifted and 61% of businesses in 2020 transitioned to cloud services. In this topic, we are comparing the benefits of business intelligence with the two kinds of BIs - the pros and cons of each.  This way you can make a more informed and confident decision on what BI option is the better fit for you and your company.

Understanding Domo Pricing and the Cost of Implementing Business Intelligence

Ask a Domo business partner about Domo pricing and you’re likely to get a lot of “it all depends” kind of answers. In truth, no business software vendor can answer that question without knowing a lot more about your business, the challenges you’re facing, and the goals you’re looking to achieve. It’s just not as simple as, “Here is the Domo pricing list.” But we understand that you need a frame of reference – a starting point for the journey – so we’re providing you with the following thoughts on how much you could and should be spending on Domo BI and Domo implementation, and why it’s likely worth every dime.

What Is The Cost Of Implementing Business Intelligence?

If you’re just getting started on the journey of bringing business intelligence to your company, you’ve likely got questions.  Most likely, near the top of that list of questions is, “What is the cost of implementing business intelligence?”