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Leadership Skills Essential To Navigating Tough Times

Tough times can test even the most seasoned business. What makes the difference is how their leaders choose to navigate these times and lead their people. To many  businesses, a crisis is a turning point. How your organization navigates it says volumes. We have put together a few tips for you and your company’s leaders to make these waters a little easier to navigate.

Protecting Your Business And Employees During Uncertain Times

To start, let’s ask an important question: What is actually essential to running your business and how do you protect the way it’s being conducted while keeping your employees safety in mind? We have a few tips in mind when it comes to continuing to move your company in the right direction without jeopardizing your product or putting your employees at risk. It is a tricky situation we are in but we can navigate it together and your company and employees will be better than ever. Obviously, your options are going to differ depending on the type of business you are running, and what your local regulations allow at the moment.

The Impact Of AI And Machine Learning On Accounting Software

It is almost difficult to remember back to 2001 when Steven Spielberg’s film A.I. was released. The future depicted in the film seemed difficult to imagine happening during our lifetime but here we are today with AI and machine learning an integral part of most industries including accounting. AI even pervades our daily lives and runs our smart homes. The time has come when AI, machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, machine reasoning and natural language processing are having a huge impact on accounting.

4 Ways To Stay Engaged With Your Clients During Social Distancing

Staying engaged with your clients during this hectic time is crucial in building relationships, spreading positivity and maintaining your bottom line. Being human with your clients is more important now than ever before. Here we break down four ways to stay engaged with your clients during social distancing.

Doing The Right Thing – Maintaining Morale In Difficult Times

At one point or another your company will be hurdling obstacles that cannot be foreseen. This is not a test of your managerial skills or interpersonal skills, this will test the very fabric of  your company. At the end of the day wondering if you are making not only smart business decisions but doing the right thing for your employees and customers. I have put together a few tips that should help you and your company navigate rough waters and maintain morale through difficult times. Remember, a calm sea never created a skilled sailor and your company will pull through.

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